Thursday, September 13, 2012

Girl Crush: Maggie Mason: Personal Dos and Don'ts

I've been recovering from weekends upon weekends on the go, allowing my body adequate time to rest and rebuild. Which means, I've been reading a lot of blogs. Blogs about food. Blogs about life. Blogs about doing things.

Which leads me to an introduction. Friends, Maggie Mason. Maggie is an amazing blogger who has a life list worthy of some serious jealously. (Some serious inspiration right there, folks.)

She recently wrote a post about her personal Dos and Don'ts. In Maggie's words, a reminder to herself: "When I feel cruddy, I add whatever got me there to the Stop It List, and when I feel happy, I add to the Do Its." You all know how I am about reminders.

So here is my first drafts of my personal reminders:

Cook for yourself.
Read on the porch with your pooch by your side.
Have catch-up lunches with friends and family members. (Don't forget to tally them.)
Call your mom.
Sit in the garage with your dad.
Relish in clean sheets once a week.
Try making new Kombucha flavors.
Play some Tetris every once and a while.
Visit the Lake.
Take a class. The weirder the better.
Snuggle Henley's face at least twice per day.
Wear your hair down if you have an important meeting. It bolsters your confidence.
For even more confidence, use the lip stain, wear the heels and remember to clean your fingernails.
Wear the brown boots. You like those.
If you need to cry, try Sheryl Crow.
If you need to smile, try the Beatles.
Roll your towels like a fancy hotel.
Write. (Seriously.)

Don't push yourself when you know you need to rest.
Don't read the news for more than 10 minutes per day.
Avoid cable at all costs.
Don't listen to too much Damien Rice. You'll know when you're getting to too much.
Never, ever listen to Yellowcard.
Don't text that boy. Or that one.
Don't over-layer. Heat makes you cuh-rabby!
Stop texting all of the boys.
Never stray from the vodka. The shots will bite you in the butt.
Don't stop communicating until you feel heard. You must feel heard.
Don't eat the cheese. That won't end well.

You guys, I'm really proud that my Do list is longer than my Don't list!